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The Future of Healthcare

It has become a common point to be made - "The healthcare system in America is broken", and we at East Side Urgent Care and Primary Care agree - things need to change. The old way of practicing medicine is no longer safe for patients, convenient for family members, and is not satisfying to the practitioners as it was in the past.

Healthcare in America is ready to move into the 21st century and beyond, and our model has proven to be effecient, cost-effective, and patient beneficial. We strongly feel that the future of medicine is moving toward our general model of concierge practice without the concierge cost.

We have a large group of providers, ranging from M.D.s to P.A.s and N.P.s, all of whom function as primary care providers to their own patients as well as work in the Urgent Care setting. Lifestyle and compensation are second to none, and living in Rhode Island has it's own wonderful benefits.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are currently looking for leaders in Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Emergency Medicine, and Urgent Care Medicine. We look for a superior level of enthusiasm, team-centered thought-processes, and someone who legitimately wants to help solve the Primary Crisis we have in Rhode Island.

Most of our new providers begin with Urgent Care hours, and slowly, over 6-12 months, transition into a full-time, no-call, Primary Care practitioners. We also have providers who solely work in the Urgent Care setting.

Bottom line - we are looking for people who have the ability to take on tasks themselves, are self-driven leaders, and are interested in growing this model of healthcare into something new and exciting for both patients and practitioners in Rhode Island. We want someone who doesn't just want to be an employee, but wants to be a Healthcare Provider, and a Partner in our mission.

Currently we are accepting applications from individuals who hold the following degrees:

How Should I Apply?

Easy. Send your CV and a letter stating your interest directly to Our Medical Director.